We will see what all ways can we remove duplicates from an array, starting off with the most obvious approach and gradually moving towards different ways.

You have

const arr = [1,2,4,3,1,1,4]
  1. The not so elegant way

And you want to remove the duplicates. The most basic approach will be

let final = [];

for(let i of arr) {
	if(final.indexOf(i) === -1){

2. Using map

You can always replace the iteration with map. But this does not change much.

let final = [];

arr.map((c) => {
    if(final.indexOf(c) === -1) {

3. Using filter

Using filter does make things look a little clean.

let final = arr.filter((cur,index) => arr.indexOf(cur) == index)

4. Using set

But nothing beats a set.

let final = [...new Set(arr)]